About WIM


The concept of Wraith Infirmity Muses was spawned in the fall of 2016, the senior year at Salem College of Founding and Senior Editor, Pat Berryhill. A creative writing major and a woman who lives with invisible illness, both physical and mental, she struggled to seek a place where her love of literature and battles with social stigmas associated with invisible illness met. This literary magazine is the birth of an inability to find a place unencumbered by further social impediment. Wraith Infirmity is a place where those who live with invisible illness will be welcome to publish and bring light where none is shed, truth where there is stigma, and a home where there has been none.

invisible illness.

How will I know for sure if someone who submits has an invisible illness themselves? I won’t. I will have to accept their word on faith. How could I do otherwise?

Welcome to WIM,

Pat Berryhill Co-Editor