Issue 2 delay

I needed to make a post to address the delay with the publication of issue two. As many of you live with chronic illness yourselves, it is my hope you will understand. This past 6 months has been somewhat of an ordeal with my health and I have chosen not to post publicly about it … Continue reading Issue 2 delay

Closer to Publishing 

Graduation is finally over and business as usual has resumed. I have set a new deadline of June 4th for myself. So far, what I have completed, I am proud to have done and hope the writers and readers will be too.  This is my first publishing endeavor, so it is taking me some time … Continue reading Closer to Publishing 

As I Enter Into The Masses – Submission Guidelines Below

So many literary magazines out in the world and yet, I am compelled to begin one of my own. I have to ponder what will make this one distinct. In my endeavors to seek publication, looking among the vast multitude of Lit mags,  I couldn't find one that consistently gave voice to invisible illness and … Continue reading As I Enter Into The Masses – Submission Guidelines Below