Wraith Infirmity Muses 1.1 Volume / Summer 17

Cover Photo is “Blessing of The Trees” taken by and © Julianza Shavin

A word from the editor:

Wraith Infirmity Muses is not your average literary magazine. Within these pages you are apt to stumble upon various degrees of the human condition unseen by most in day to day life. 

Wraith, when used in literary terms, is a whisp or faint trace of something. It can also mean ghost.  Infirmity, is a physical or mental weakness. This simply means an illness, disease, disorder, or frailty. Lastly, muses are sources, personified, as inspiration for an artist or writer. That illness that burdens some, burdens many, in which only traces are seen in rare circumstance by others or is invisible altogether. It is a ghostly, ghastly presence in some people’s lives. It creates a need to purge, becomes a muse and life is born. 

This life takes many forms. Some chose to focus on the illness and break it down, analyze it. Others prefer to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Some capture their pain as a means to be rid of it. There are those that won’t credit it with creative process and give life to other worlds, other beings. Here, within these pages, you may find it all. 

Welcome to WIM. 

Pat Berryhill 

Wraith Infirmity Muses EIC 



DPDR ~ Nicholas Olson

We’re Alone Until We Aren’t ~ Lola Santana

Destiny ~ Sujoy Bhattacharya

The Passion of  Rubies ~ Camilla Holland

Creative Nonfiction  

||Craft Essay || Dying is Yucky and so is Writing About it ~ Emily Ramser 

Beep ~ Desiree Simmons

Sometimes I think and cry and sometimes I just think: Some thoughts on the enigma of silence:Poetry ~ Robin Grey


Yo-yo Dieter ~ Georgia Park

The Cashier and The Woman ~ Georgia Park

Why Judy Won’t Go to Bed ~ Richard King Perkins II

OBGYN ~ Hannah Wagner

Humira and the Coup d’tat of My Body ~ Marianne Forman


!Poetess Samara Crutchfield!

interview and three poems


Transit, en masse

Pompeii, a Documentary of Me


The Artist ~ Adam Levon Brown

 The Geographical Cure~ Eileen Murphy

Notes From the Dead Via Ouija Board~ Eileen Murphy 

Evil Me~ Eileen Murphy 

Living With Your Daughter’s Depression ~ Brittany J. Barron

Obgyn ~ Hannah Wagner

What Kids Do ~ Devon Balwit

Trying Hard ~ Devon Balwit

Laps ~ Victoria Crawford

Exacerbation*~ Miki Byrne

Attrition~ Miki Byrne

Cilliary Body~ Tamara Miles

Suicide by Apathy~ Robert J. W.

Aretha Sings ~ Cheryl R Hopson

Let the haunting come ~ Cheryl R Hopson

I imagine our difference as a flower garden ~Cheryl R Hopson

The Gravity of Sadness~ Karlo Silverio Sevilla

Labeling Theory V2 ~Michael Lee Johnson

Jesse’s Homeless Face V4 ~ Michael Lee Johnson

Our Father Who Art in Heaven ~ Sergio Ortiz

What’s a Concussion? ~ Jennifer Jesseph


Annapolis Reflection~ Rebecca Bourgeois

Purity~ Rebecca Bourgeois

Light as Air~ Rebecca Bourgeois

Alexander the Great ~ Brad Clarke

Pigeons ~ Brad Clarke

Viewfinder ~ Brad Clarke

Cranio-Cervical Instability ~ Janet Kozachek

The Vertigo Day ~Janet Kozachek

Map of The Medical Underworld  ~ Janet Kozachek

Melanie ~ Harmony Dimmig

She is a Storm ~ Harmony Dimmig

Reptile ~ Harmony Dimmig


interview and mini portfolio